Avaulta Mesh Complications: When To File A Case

Avaulta Mesh Complications: When To File A Case

People are going to doctors to have their condition treated, but what if, instead of getting better, you end up with a worsen condition? This is what happened to women who had pelvic organ prolapse and got treated using the surgical mesh.

FDA announced in 2008 that using of surgical mesh can cause more complications compared to other surgical options meant to treat pelvic organ prolapse.

Due to this announcement, women who had been treated using surgical mesh filed a case against the manufacturers of surgical mesh, including Avaulta mesh, because they assume that the mesh was not properly designed and that the manufacturers fail to inform not just the patients but also the doctors of the possible side effects when they use it.

If you or your loved one experienced avaulta mesh complications, hiring a lawyer is what you need to do in order to get through with whatever condition or side effects you are currently experiencing because of the surgery.

You might be asking, when will you be qualified to file a case against Avaulta. Actually, the best answer to this is to consult a lawyer. The lawyer can help you assess whether filing a case is a good idea or not.

But basically, as long as you experience negative side effects after the surgery, you have the right to file a case.

Here are some of the side effects of using Avaulta mesh to treat pelvic organ prolapse:
– Infection
– Vaginal scarring
– Bladder, blood vessel, and bowel perforation
– Mesh erosion
– Painful sexual intercourse
– Urinary problems
– Mesh erosion
Apart from the physical problems stated above, another impact of using surgical mesh is low self esteem and psychological issues because of their incapability to be satisfied in bed. Whether it is physical or psychological, as long as the surgery impacts your life negatively, you are qualified to file a case against Avaulta or whoever manufactures the mesh used for your surgery. But to better understand this matter, consult a lawyer for help.