Hair Extensions 101: Stylist Education and Techniques

Hair Extensions 101: Stylist Education and Techniques

As we say, Your hair can be your crowning beauty. Although some individuals are privileged with voluminous locks, some people will not be as blessed. But because of the wonderful world of hair extensions, you can now attain the duration and volume level they want with their hair. In this post, we are going to investigate the different types of hair extensions accessible and also the advantages they feature.

Clip-In Hair Extensions: They are the most common type of Stylist Education and are perfect for short term and periodic use. As being the brand implies, these extensions come with small clips which can be easily attached to your organic hair. The clips be sure that the extensions stay in spot and you should not drop out. Clip-in extensions can be found in distinct measures and colours, so that you can easily go with these people to your normal hair. Also, they are an easy task to eliminate and re-attach.

Sew-In Hair Extensions: Sew-in extensions are attached to your normal hair by sewing them onto braided songs. This kind of extension is far more permanent than clip-in extensions and will last for up to 2-90 days with suitable routine maintenance. Sew-in extensions offer you more overall flexibility when it comes to styling, because they can be curled, straightened, and also tinted. However, they demand specialist installment, that may be time-taking in and high priced.

Tape-In Hair Extensions: Adhesive tape-in extensions are affixed to your all-natural hair utilizing dual-sided adhesive tape. They may be much less long lasting than sew-in extensions but may still previous for approximately 6-8 days with correct servicing. Tape-in extensions are really easy to implement and do not require any specific resources or products. Also, they are light in weight and comfortable.

Hair Weaves: Hair weaves are exactly like sew-in extensions however are utilized in a different way. With hair weaves, the extensions are connected to small braids employing thread plus a particular needle. Hair weaves may be customized to your hair type and consistency and will last for up to 2-3 months with correct routine maintenance. They can also provide a more normal-seeking look than other extensions.

Combination Hair Extensions: They are the most very long-enduring and dear type of hair extensions. Combination extensions are affixed to your all-natural hair using keratin ties plus a special heating tool. This procedure can take a few hours and consists of lots of treatment and extreme caution. Even so, fusion extensions may last for around half a year with proper care and upkeep. In addition they provide a natural-seeking physical appearance and are compatible with all hair sorts.


To put it briefly, hair extensions could be the best way to put span and quantity to your hair. With many different types of extensions offered, you will discover one which matches your requirements and budget. No matter if you will want temporary transform or a long-long lasting improvement, hair extensions may help you get the seem you desire. Just make sure to get substantial-quality extensions and get good care of them to keep them looking their utmost.