How Candle Dust Covers Can Prolong The Life Of Your Candles

How Candle Dust Covers Can Prolong The Life Of Your Candles

Candle dust covers are an often overlooked but essential resource inside the battle to maintain your candles thoroughly clean. Whilst they are not completely successful, they may drastically increase the life span of your own candles by maintaining dust particles as well as other air-borne dust from deciding about the wax tart surface area. In this particular guideline, we will protect the basic principles of utilizing candle dust cover to obtain the best from them.

What exactly are candle dust covers?

Candle dust covers are merely linens of substance that you simply location over your candle lights if they are not being used. The most frequent sort of candle dust cover is a straightforward sheet of cloth, but there are also a lot of commercially available items created specifically for this function.

How do I utilize them?

The easiest way to use a candle dust cover would be to drape it over the top of the the candlestick so that it completely handles the wax tart surface. If you are using a sheet of towel, you are able to secure it in position with a sheet of tape or perhaps a rubberized music group. As soon as the airborne dirt and dust deal with is in place, it should be left undisturbed until you are ready to utilize the candle again.

When should I use them?

You should utilize a candle dust cover any time that you are currently not making use of your candles—which indicates a minimum of when you go to mattress at night and any time you go out. In case you have animals or small kids who could possibly be lured to play with the candles, it is also a great idea to use airborne dirt and dust covers while they are provide. Dirt addresses will never entirely avoid crashes from taking place, however they will lessen the likelihood of anything awful occurring if you find a car accident.


Candle dust covers might appear to be a little thing, nonetheless they can create a big difference in the lifetime of your candles. By maintaining dirt and other dust from deciding on the wax tart surface, they will likely aid your candle lights burn up solution and go longer. In case you’re not already making use of them, be sure to commence!