How do I evaluate Alibaba suppliers?

How do I evaluate Alibaba suppliers?

The number of businesses that rely on Alibaba to get resources for their business keeps increasing the more international Alibaba becomes. It is now among the top ecommerce sites where you can get quality suppliers from China that will meet your budget demands and also meet the shipping deadlines. To successfully choose the supplier you want, you should learn how to avoid scammers and supplier with low quality products. Here we shall assess the various techniques you can use to avoid the common scammers that pose as Alibaba affiliates.

Verified suppliers

There is a three stage verification process which Alibaba uses to verify the kind of suppliers working under it. The process is strict enough to eliminate any jokers from the network that may be trying to scam potential buyers. After successfully finishing the verification process, Alibaba will add a badge that will be on the seller account and all of the listings they have made on the site. Looking at the badge or verified profile is a great way of ensuring you choose top notch suppliers.

Gold suppliers

This is an exclusive membership option that suppliers are given that comes with more exposure and other benefits you will not regret paying for. These are also reliable and top quality suppliers that you can always count on to come through for your business during transactions. Gold supplier membership costs some good budget which makes it easy to trust the supplier with such a badge. Consider choosing the ones that have been in the business for long.

Assessed suppliers

Assessed suppliers are common on Amazon vs alibaba blog and official site as they are manufacturers who can verify their authenticity by buying a third part license. On their profiles, you find details concerning their business and performance for the while they have been operational. It is just a sign of sound business you can trust when you see the assessed supplier badge on the supplier you want to work with.