Strategies to Choose Your Next Chianti Wine for Those Special Occasions

Strategies to Choose Your Next Chianti Wine for Those Special Occasions

Choosing the right wine can be intimidating for any wine drinker. There are so many different types of wines to choose from, and it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices available.

When you need a chianti wine for an upcoming party or dinner, here are few strategies that will help you choose one!

More Fun In Something New?

One of my favorite things, when I have friends over for dinner is trying new wines together. It’s fun because everyone gets an opportunity to try something they haven’t tried before while still drinking their favorite type of wine too!

Many people think that chianti wines are only meant for summertime, but plenty of chianti dry wines pair perfectly well with fall meals.

If reds are more your style in the colder months, look into some Italian varieties like Nebbiolo, which pairs nicely during Thanksgiving time and other fall holidays.You should definitely buy chianti wine for special events!

What’s the occasion?

The main thing is to consider the occasion. Sometimes, it is about choosing a wine that fits with your guests or dinner at home. However, if this is for you and you alone, then select what makes you happy!

If this is for a formal occasion, you will want to consider what wines are typically served at these sorts of events. If it’s an Italian meal, look for chianti or Barolo because they pair so well with pasta dishes and pizzas!

I have found that the really good bottles can be incredibly expensive, but many affordable options too.

Another great strategy is to research new wines that haven’t been tried before. For example, you may think that only France makes wine, but Austria has intense reds, as does Australia, which also produces plenty of white varieties!


In conclusion, there are many ways to choose the perfect chianti wine. You must remember what type of occasion it is for and which wines typically go with that occasion. If you are looking for something special, try to find new wines that haven’t been tried before!